Maintenance Mechanic

Hazelwood, MO

Job description
At Amcor, our aspiration is to be the undisputed leader in the global packaging industry. Today, we employ more than 35,000 people worldwide, and operate in 40-plus countries at 200 sites.

Currently we are hiring a Maintenance Mechanic in the Hazelwood, MO, area.

As the Maintenance Mechanic, you will perform general maintenance and preventive/predictive maintenance on a variety of blow mold, injection, auxiliary and plant support equipment. You are required to apply knowledge either gained on the job or through previous experience of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic theory and procedure to troubleshoot, perform preventative maintenance and complete necessary repairs. The overall goal is to assist in minimizing downtime due to breakdown repairs and PM’s as well as optimize the quality of products manufactured to the highest degree equipment is capable of producing.
Education requirements
• High school diploma or graduate of a vocational/technical program is preferred.
• Must have completed all requirements of Mold Technician or have proven previous experience as a Maintenance Mechanic in a manufacturing environment.
• Must have a reasonable degree of skill with refrigeration, drying, conveying, fluid pumps, blowing and vacuum pumps, pneumatic circuits and welding/fabrication.
• Must supply your own tools sufficient to perform maintenance tasks in the disciplines of the scope needed to perform assigned duties. Personal tools must meet the plant’s minimum tool list requirement.
• Must supply own toolbox to adequately secure tools.
• Apply knowledge of the following in maintenance and repair of blow mold, injection, auxiliary and support equipment: mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic theory and procedure.
• Apply knowledge of machines and processes for each of the following to analyze, set up and maintain equipment for safe and continuous operation: blow mold, injection, drying apparatus, mechanical systems, construction.
• Read electrical and hydraulic schematics and identify symbols and control circuits with a reasonable degree of competency.
• Understand and troubleshoot PLC program and logic.
• Competently and with a reasonable degree of accuracy troubleshoot electrical and hydraulic circuits.
• Work on the installation of PLC’s, change motors, install relays and starters, and install control circuits.
• Repair, change or upgrade the status of equipment.
• Follow all established safety rules and guidelines as outlined in the Amcor “No Injuries Safety Contract” and as trained.
• Understand and communicate all hazards and safety issues to co-workers and supervisors.
• Continuously wear hearing and eye protection, as well as protective clothing including steel toe shoes.
• Wear hard hats during operation of cranes or man-lifts.
• Ability to recognize and understand numbers and values related to job functions.
• Ability to visually and mentally make priority decisions/judgment calls based on the situation at hand.
• Proficient hand/eye coordination to operate equipment and assemble packaging for shipment.
• Ability to communicate clearly.
• Ability to efficiently and effectively use a computer and related software related to record keeping and machine troubleshooting/maintenance.

Physical skills:
• Lift/push/pull up to 1,000 lbs. for 50 ft. using a hydraulic hand jack (this is the equivalent of a static push/pull of approximately 70 lbs.)
• Maximum frequent lifting weight of 35 lbs. from ground to 6 ft. overhead.
• Occasional frequency of lifting up to 45 lbs. from ground to 6 ft. overhead.
• Maximum frequent carrying weight of 60 lbs. for 10 ft.
• Ability to stand / walk for up to 11 hours per shift on a concrete floor.
• Ability to work 12-hour shifts day or nights, including weekends and holidays.
• Ability to bend; turn / twist; kneel; squat; crawl; climb; reach out and up; turn wrist; grasp; pinch; and have finger manipulations.

Must be able to work in an environment with:
• Continuous noise of 85 dB.
• Frequent exposure to chemicals.
• Occasional exposure to dust/fumes/gas.
• Heights.
• Confined spaces.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.